Green Initiative 

We take our responsibility to the environment and sustainability seriously. As part of our philosophy, we strive to institute the best
environmental practices in our own manufacturing process as well as require our primary suppliers to demonstrate an equal commitment to environmentally friendly policies and practices. We guarantee that we will continue to strive to find new and innovative ways to deliver the same high quality product while reducing the negative environmental impact of its manufacture. Here are some highlights of our sustainable development initiatives:

  • We use direct thermal paper that is completely recyclable and carries the Nordic Swan stamp of approval for low emissions during its manufacture.
  • We utilize water-based adhesives which break down without causing harm to micro-ecosystems and which meet Repulpability Requirements set by Forest Products Lab.
  • We purchase paper from a provider that received the highest possible score for Environmental Reporting and the best score in the industry for Environmental Dimension.
  • We have implemented an internal Energy Reduction program in our manufacturing facilities which has reduced our energy consumption by 13%.
  • We employ a labor pool from the local area to give back to the community.